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LA Mockup
Personal Project

Durnry Assistant

After investing in a couple IoT or 'Smart Home' devices, I quickly got fed-up with the growing list of settings, apps, crappy API's and closed ecosystems which made connecting the devices nearly impossible. Durnry Assistant is a custom built SmartHome system running on a backend. This project has gotten a surpising amount of attention within the Home Assistant Forums and on Reddit.

IMW - Ottawa, ON
CBMW - Iqaluit, NU
Academic Presentation

eNuk: Using mesh technology to support climate change monitoring

Presented the eNuk community-based environmental and health monitoring system at the Indigenous Mapping Workshop in Ottawa. A different version of this presentation was also done at the Community-Based Monitoring Workshop in Iqaluit, Nunavut in 2018.

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SpringIT Day
Assistant Coordinator

Pint of Science - Guelph

Pint of Science is an international event that brings scientists, community-members, and beer together. Guelph PoS was held over three nights at six different venues in Guelph, and featured 12 different speakers, with talks ranging from bridging the digital divide to food fraud to the science of bubbles and beer.