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My Wedding Ring is a Dollar

Turning a 1961 Canadian silver dollar into a wedding band - with no experience and minimal tools

July 30, 20196 min read

DIY - Metal-work , Home , Wedding

As those of you that know me likely know, Emma and I have been hard at work preparing for our wedding. It is now officially less than one month away, which means time to pull up the bootstraps and get everything done! We got Emma’s wedding band...

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Let's Talk About BellLetsTalk

Be it an 'awareness initiative' or 'marketing campaign', #BellLetsTalk may be doing more damage than good.

January 30, 20195 min read

Rant - Telecom , Whistleblow , Mental Health , Corporate Responsibility

The BellLetsTalk campaign is an initiative to raise awareness and end stigma surrounding Canadian’s Mental Health. Largely the ad campaign (yes, it’s an ad campaign, if it was purely an outreach initiative their name wouldn’t be in the title) e...

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What It Feels Like To Attend A Refreshingly Well-Run Conference

People, Places and Public Engagement in St. Johns.

October 26, 20186 min read

Reflection - Academic , Conference , Research , Travel

I’ve always had an excitable, yet tentative outlook on academic conferences. Most conferences that I’ve attended over the past year and a half of my Masters in CompSci have represented (as they should) an opportunity to think outside of the box...

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Encountering The R Programming Language In The Wild

A critique of the R programming language, generously padded with a personal anecdote.

March 26, 201815 min read

Review - Academic , CompSci , Programming

If you’ve made it this far, you may have read the previous papers in this 6650(01) sega; Why the C Programming Language Deserves an F & A Scripture Reading - ‘The Humble Programmer’, and probably noticed a trend in my writ...

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'The Humble Programmer' by Edsger Dijsktra

Did Edsger Dijkstra harness the power of precognition or have we still not learned from our past mistakes?

March 1, 20189 min read

Literary Review - Academic , CompSci , Publication

It would be modest to call Edsger W. Dijkstra (May 1930 - August 2002) simply a programmer, computer scientist or software engineer. Dijkstra was; the father of structured programming, a visionary and a pioneer in computer science. Many of his ...

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Exploring the Needs of a Community-Based Monitoring System in Rigolet, Nunatsiavut

What brings a t-rex, triceratops, elephant, giraffe, and unicorn To a fly-out community in Labrador?

November 29, 20178 min read

Reflection - Academic , Community , Research , Research-Trip , Travel

Much like my first trip in November, I arrived at the airport at 6:30 in Goose Bay, and sleepily loaded my bags and self into the 19-seater Twin Otter airplane1, headed to Rigolet, Labrador. Unlike my trip in August, however, the ski...

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'Good Ideas Through The Looking Glass' by Niklaus Wirth

Niklaus Wirth is one of the most prominent Computer Scientists and Tech-Advocates, but do his assertions hold weight today?

February 23, 20169 min read

Literary Review - Academic , CompSci , Publication

A spent a significantly larger portion of my time preparing for this assignment, than I did actually writing it. I read large sections of many of the papers and realized how difficult it was going to be to support my review with valid criticism...


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